By the grace of Allah the Almighty, the Department of Education of Majlis Khuddam ul-Ahmadiyya Netherlands was able to organize a National Extempore Speech Competition in the month of May 2022 via online. Alhamdulillah, all 13 Majlis took part in it and competed.

Alhamdolilah, The Competition was held on 29th May 2022 . All 13/13 Majalis participated in it. Mustafa Gurgaze Sahib of Majlis Weert was the judge of that Competition. Khuddam delivered their Extempore Speeches in Dutch, English & Urdu languages.

Following are the participants of National Extempore speech Competition:-

  1. Nida Ul Zafar (Majlis Almere)
  2. Adrees Ahmed (Majlis Utrecht)
  3. Rameez Ahmed (Majlis Eindhoven)
  4. Hamid Ahmad (Majlis Den Haag)
  5. Ahsan Riaz (Majlis Amsterdam BQ)
  6. Atta ul muneem Rasheed (Majlis Den Bosch)
  7. Adnan Muzaffar Arain (Majlis Nunspeet)
  8. Sameer Ahmad (Majlis Rotterdam)
  9. Ehsan Riaz (Majlis Zwolle)
  10. Masroor Ahmed Shafiq (Majlis Amsterdam MQ)
  11. Noman Lateef (Majlis Schiedam)
  12. Sahibzada Nadeem (Majlis Weert)
  13. Nadeem Ahmad (Majlis Arnhem)

In the End of the Competition, Judge Mustafa Gurgaze Sahib announced the results and gave important tips about Extempore speech Competition.

Following are the result of National Extempore Speech Competition:

1st place

Atta Ul Muneem Rasheed
Majlis Den Bosch

2nd place

Adrees Ahmad
Majlis Utrecht

3rd place

Noman Lateef
Majlis Schiedam

The recordings of these participants can be found through Zoom below:

Click here to view the recording

Access Passcode: +n0M7#*.

بارک اللہ لکم

May Allah reward these participants. Ameen


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